Rafinha complete the contract liquidated damages of 75 million Euro

The midfielder is still sidelined with injuries, described in the contract with the team after the club is his home.
Rafinha first team players and the club on Monday officially signed a new contract extended until June 30, 2020. He liquidated damages reach 75 million euros. Chairman Bartomeu, Vice-President and Technical Director Mestre Fernandez attended the signing ceremony.
Brazilian midfielder in the Champions League first round against Roma were injured after they have been sidelined with injuries.
After signing, he told reporters: “I am very happy to play in Barcelona enjoyed Barcelona is my home I was 13 years old when I came here, I am very pleased to be able to stay….” He also confirmed his being restored as soon as possible, in addition to talking about the team’s outstanding performance came:. “when you put the world’s best players together, we are working very hard, this result is naturally”

“Batman: Arkham Knight” XB1 Version 1.11 update released PC version of how to say?

Rocksteady today released the PS4 and Xbox One version of “Batman: Arkham Knight” 1.11 update patch, about the size of 1.8 GB.

Here’s the full update log:


– Robin can use the R2 button to quickly release explosive gel

-Azrael Have investigative mode and vandals

– All three DLC characters have knowing a hit, kickboxing focus on strengthening, empty-handed into the knives and armor upgrades

– Halle and Batgirl own aerial acrobatics, special combo and strengthening

– Batgirl join over many new special combination moves

– Batgirl own bat bat claw claw super attacks and disarm weapons

“Batman: Arkham Knight” XB1 Version 1.11 update released PC version of how to say?

Bug fix:

– Armor Damage fixes

– In the real outcome has triggered Knightfall Protocol situation, GCPD roof bats flag case be repaired

New content:

-GCPD Lockdown AR Challenges

-Predator Role switching

Taiwan female anchor picture was pimping theft

According to Taiwan media reports, he has been selected as the “highest purity” of Grade 8 anchor housing industry culvert, has a sweet appearance and high popularity, recently summoned the industry has become the object looked from her face book Pirates of the map, posted on the website compensated dating information, the main “cute school girl,” a consumer 7000 yuan. Alarmed by his own portrait stolen, housing industry through the culvert immediately ask for the withdrawal Figure Line, the other surprise was choked voice: “With what photos will die portrait can eat Oh??” To her stunned and dumbfounded!

Housing industry culvert is often classified as “strawberry generation”, but when she entered the main run social media lines, coke corpse had my own eyes, in the sewer scraped interviews, hardship, courage is also big. This time sweet photo misappropriation, become porn compensated dating information, the official website of the University of Science and Technology is also a message board posting messages on call make room industry culvert quite angry: “I am very cherish reputation, call the industry theft photographs, and so was destroyed reputation.”

The first time, the housing industry culvert immediately summoned the industry plus an account of the talk, the other side actually alleging surprise “photo with my drop is not too large, the greater Taipei area can Songdao Fu immediately” and then housing industry, Han said he is I have to have a “portrait” ask for the withdrawal Figure, Fanzao choke each other: “You are the woman, disturb them,”? “with what the photos will die” after the protest, the other still has not withdrawn chart, also wantonly propaganda.

In this regard, the housing industry appealed to fans not deceived culvert, and solemnly denounced such acts, does not rule out to call the industry to sue to defend anchor innocence.