Chelsea refused to pass Suning 7500 pounds purchased Oscar

British “Daily Telegraph” reported that Jiangsu Suning Super League club 75 million pounds out of the high bid Buy Brazilian midfielder Oscar, but Chelsea refused the offer of Suning, Suning to 20 million pounds had already signed another price Blues Brazilian midfielder Ramires.

While Suning Oscar out of the price, but Chelsea are reluctant to let the 24-year-old Brazilian midfielder move to leave. This season coincided with the troubled Blues, ranked only 24 standings after the first 13, will face the French giants Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League knockout stages, the Blues do not want to let go of in this case the main players.

However, according to the “Daily Telegraph” know Jiangsu Suning is likely to once again buy the Oscar at the end of the season, this may be one reason for Chelsea reject the offer. 2012 Chelsea 19 million pounds price from Brazil to sign the International Club Academy, the Blues became the main midfielder, Chelsea announced the 2014 Oscar contract until 2019.

Shakhtar coach Luqiesiku today confirmed the club Jiangsu Suning to 38 million pounds (50 million euros) price signed Brazilian striker Teixeira. Winter transfer window Premiership giants Liverpool have 25 million pounds offer Teixeira, Teixeira I also expressed willingness to join the Red Army, but the offer was not over Shakhtar Donetsk club refused.

Ranieri: Val di comparable Basten Goals classic

Round of the Premier League, Liverpool 2-0 victory over Leicester City, Valdivia scored a shock of long-range volley. Ranieri seems, his goals comparable to the 1988 European Cup final, Van Basten scored a classic goal.

Ranieri said, “his goal can be comparable to Van Basten’s goal, in addition, I do not know if you’ve seen in November 2006 when Totti scored in the game against Sampdoria, they the goal is to shock the world. ”

“I do not know if this is the season to show Valdivia new talent, but his performance is incredible, whether for himself, the team or the fans, this is great, the only thing you can do is applaud him, but also how addition to it? ”

In addition, the next round will be against Manchester United Sailaisite city for Valdivia and Aguero was the better player, Ranieri said, “Aguero is very secure in terms of goals, each season is so; Waldi It is the first exhibit this momentum, then I hope he can continue each season. “

Barzagli: solid defense is the cornerstone of winning

Juventus 1-0 victory over Genoa, the audience is only one goal, the two sides are not many chances to score, Juventus won by a solid defense in the league 13-game winning streak. The game, Barzagli defense is a pillar, he reiterated the three points and continue to bite the significance of Naples.

When the post-match television interview Juventus, Barzagli said: “It was a very tough race from start to finish, we are satisfied with the results, let us continue hot pursuit of victory Naples All in all, we did not give opponents too. more offensive opportunities, they gave us created a problem, but our focus on solving the problem. ”

Get 13-game winning streak, Barzagli praised the efforts of all his teammates: “We start from a row, everybody was out best efforts, it can be seen from every game we need to continue this performance. momentum.”

Alfred: if the gunmen left, I would have scored

Alfred looks than moderate but the killer instinct in front, if he did not think to leave, he certainly has helped Arsenal scored. 22-year-old Alfred ratio has been on loan to join the six teams, and later move to Wolves in January this year to 12 million pounds move to Bournemouth, finally got his chance. He is a very confident shooter, never doubt their ability to score, he played four times before the Wolves scored three goals in it rs 3 gold.

Sunday, aphthous than the first time to face former team Arsenal, his 6-year-old joined Arsenal youth academy, Wenger spent around ten years, but he never first team appearances for Arsenal. Affleck than saying: “I think I instinctively goals for Arsenal, which is past, and I’m not Arsenal, I do not have any resentment now I can play in the Premiership, let me very satisfied. ”

“6 years old when I was a kid, I was taught to play Arsenal, help me progress, I am very grateful and respect for Arsenal, but on Sunday I’ll fight my own club, has no friends and only rival on the pitch . ”

Affleck than once in a single season for Arsenal U16 scored 40 goals, was also the 2010 European Youth Championship win of the England U17 team one. But injuries hampered his development, Wenger did not put him up first team. Affleck than saying: “I do not need to prove the last three games I scored three goals, Arsenal sold my decision, it was a long time ago now I have a new friend here. I would not say bad things about Arsenal, I was hoping to get the chance, but I did not get. “

Alas! Most fans do not want the team to leave Torres

Torres Atletico Madrid this season, scored only two goals, it can not let the fans satisfied. It is said that Atletico Madrid will bid farewell to Torres, and many teams are showing interest in the Spaniards.

Recently, the “Aspen” conducted a poll on the matter. In 7500 fans participated in the survey, approximately 65 percent of fans say Torres Atletico should not be renewed. Last week, coach Diego Simeone, team boss Hill – Marin and Torres himself had met to discuss. Torres was clearly informed that he would not get the team in the winter window renewal of the contract.

Hiddink: Cahill is very happy at Chelsea

Hiddink said before the conference, Cahill did not want to leave Chelsea.

Since Hiddink took over the team, Cahill lack of playing time in the team, the league only a month ago and Watford starting over.

Red Bull New York is about to sign Chelsea defender Mi Zijia, but Hiddink insists Cahill Blues are still in position.

“He has great value, I’ll prove it in the next time.” Hiddink said.

“He was very clear that he would be happy to stay here. Say, ‘I’m not happy’ kind of thing does not exist.

“He is very happy here, but did not play brings frustration, which is normal. I appreciate his attitude, it is worth has been rewarded.” He that regard, there is no hint that he wanted to leave.

“Of course, not many players the opportunity to play will certainly be frustrated. A few days ago I talked to him his current situation, I like to do, and key players.

“Recently he signed a new contract, which he loves this club love to stay here signals. Sometimes players play not very frequent, but everyone will have the opportunity.”

Suarez within small talk Atletico Madrid: Final showdown like

La Liga round will be staged a highlight, a game in the Camp Nou against Atletico Madrid will be based in Barcelona. Before the game, Neymar and Suarez said in an interview talked about the duel.

Neymar in an interview with the official website said: “It will be like a final showdown.” And Suarez said:. “Atletico’s defense is very collective, but also has very good offensive player despite the league is still very long, but we must reinforce the leading edge at this stage. ”

Currently, Barcelona Atletico Madrid 48 points with the plot, but also a game in Barcelona. Anyway, the game is crucial for both sides.

Enrique happy to beat opponents

Rose Garden stadium in Barcelona 2 to 1 victory over Malaga, Barcelona coach after the game to accept the media interview.
Barcelona coach Enrique repeat what they already know, and that is Barcelona who, every time against Malaga are a very tough race. Nevertheless, Barcelona on Saturday in the Rose Garden stadium still 2 to 1 victory over his opponent.
“Malaga always give us trouble, they once again did this.” Enrique said, “For us, it is difficult to think of it when we played so bad in the first half.”
However, despite experiencing a lot of trouble, Enrique still very satisfied, “Despite a very difficult golf course we played was not good enough, but we still get a victory.”
The following is a statement after the Barcelona coach the game:
“They played very well, found the space to attack. We played so hard, it should because Malaga kicked out of its own characteristics.”
“There are many factors that can affect a game, will not be a specific factor Harvey – Garcia is an outstanding coach.”
Second half:
“We are in better shape, it is possible to win the game is the most important.”
“If we played quite well, we should be played more cautious.”
“Goals make us more confident, but the game is really tough.”
“After a bad first half, the only thing we can do is to raise the second half off the bench players played very well.”

Busquets: This game will decide the championship

Barcelona midfielder analysis of the game, while his teammate Iniesta, Javier Mascherano, Munir and Bravo are also after the game to accept the media interview.
Barcelona made a fantastic start, Saturday at the Rose Garden stadium, Munir successfully broke the first two minutes, Barca eventually 2 to 1 win over Malaga.
Barcelona midfielder Busquets after the game first accepted the reporters. The following is his statement:
“The first half we played very hard, they are all one beat us. Can draw with rivals at halftime was already the best result.”
“In the second half, they feel tired, we played a lot better this time, Messi scored crucial goals.”
“This is a very important three points. It is such a game will help you win the league.”
Iniesta, Javier Mascherano, Munir and Bravo also accepted the media interview:
“The first half we played too bad, no excuse can find. Despite our early goal, but we played good enough. Malaga 1 to 1 ratio ought to get better scores in the first half.”
“We played uncomfortable. Malaga played very well, they took our mistakes. The second half, we played a lot better.”
“Away in La Liga, you always difficult to win. We are very happy because it is very important to get the score in a game like this. Now we want to restore physical fitness as soon as possible to prepare for Wednesday’s game.”
“The team always strive to remain competitive, to win the game. We are relying on the ability of individuals to win the game, but after all the three points is the most important.”
“Messi is our added value. Also, like Iniesta, Suarez, Neymar such a player. If we played good enough, then they let you get the chance to win the game, which is the key to victory. ”
“We hope this game will make us wake up call to better prepare for the next game. Our performance is good, a good team is not good enough even to be playing to win.”
“Can get the three points are very important. Malaga is a very strong team, they always give us trouble. In the second half, we played more intensity, we played well. I just waiting for the opportunity to own, and now I get the opportunity. I am very happy. ”
“We played pretty good as other games, but we know how to move on the face of trouble. Prevent opponents scoring is part of my job, I try to stop opponents scoring opportunities. We are accustomed to self-criticism, for he is very demanding that we do not like to lose the ball this way today. “

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